The BIG (Based In Georgia) Film & Entertainment Alliance

Since 2014, the state’s only organization dedicated solely to representing local investment in Georgia’s creative and entertainment economy.

Formerly known as the Georgia Studio & Infrastructure Alliance, our members are focused on the BIG opportunities for Georgians to work in the film and entertainment industry.

BIG Engagement

Find out more about our organization and how you can join with other companies protecting and advocating for Georgia’s film and entertainment industries.

BIG = Building Infrastructure in Georgia

The brick and mortar investment in Georgia contributes to our economy and keeps Georgians working. The entertainment industry is fueling the state’s business growth and these jobs are Based in Georgia, not Hollywood.

BIG = Businesses Investing in Georgia

Our members’ businesses are growing. Every voice counts when it comes to small businesses thriving and creating jobs in every field imaginable.

Georgia Entertainment

A BIG voice for small businesses

“As a studio owner in Georgia, I’ve invested my own money and sweat equity in our stage space. As one of the founding members of the BIG Film & Entertainment Alliance, I’ve been able to have a voice to help protect my business. It’s important for businesses of all sizes to be able to advocate together with their peers for Georgia’s film and entertainment businesses.”

Daniel MinchewDaniel Minchew, President, BIG Film & Entertainment Alliance • Owner/Founder of Atlanta Filmworks, Studio Space Atlanta, and Studio Space Atlanta West

“Georgia’s production service infrastructure is a key part of what helps bolster Georgia’s film industry.  A few years ago, when production business was picking up here, I pitched the idea of a Georgia-based Enterprise Entertainment division to company leadership. Now we have grown from having just me and a four-person team to a team overseeing every county in the state. All serve Georgia productions, and all are Georgians. BIG gives me a voice in this very large industry.”

Lishers MohaneLishers Mahone, Vice-President, BIG Film & Entertainment Alliance • Senior Account Manager at Enterprise Entertainment

“Growing up in Georgia, I never believed I would have this opportunity to work in this industry in my home state, let alone found my own company, Moonshine Post-Production, and work with an amazing team of storytellers. Production services is just the beginning of Georgia’s success. The next step for sustainability is engaging a mobilized, creative workforce with local liquidity and production occupation. As a member of BIG, I’m able to have a seat at the table to help make that happen.”

Drew SawyerDrew Sawyer, Secretary/Treasurer, BIG Film & Entertainment Alliance • Founder/Partner at Moonshine Post-Production

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Love of action flicks leads Athens native to career as a stunt man

Andy Rusk, stuntman and stunt coordinator from Athens, grew up watching “Ted Turner’s Movies for Guys Who Like Movies” with his dad, bingeing on James Bond and Errol Flynn. He developed a love for action and the desire to learn how to put it together in front of the camera.